How to Find a Wedding Caterer

Your wedding is an important event, and the guests will be looking forward to your vows and the decorations you have carefully placed to create the dream venue for your dream wedding. However, they will also be looking forward to another thing – the dinner spread. When it comes to Wedding Catering Fairmont has some of the best in the business. If you don’t know where to start when hiring a caterer for your big day, then you are in luck.

You don’t want to book your caterer too early however you should never wait until the last minute. Try waiting until you have come up with a rough number of guests and found the perfect venue. After that, you should look at your budget and allot the desired amount to catering – then you can begin your search and find the perfect catering business for your wedding. You can check with friends and family, and do not forget to inquire with the venue you choose about in-house catering services.

Your options are likely to be limited, as there are not many wedding catering services in some areas, so you should make a list of some of the services within your budget. Narrow the list down to the ones with menus that call your interest, and then contact them to get quotes about prices and set up an appointment to taste the food and decide what you would like on your wedding menu.

Questions to Ask Wedding Caterers

You should do ample research before picking a caterer, but there are also some important questions you should ask when making a decision about the caterer.

–    Does the manager seem competent and in control?

–    Is the food enjoyable?

–    Do they have cakes? Do you want to provide your own cake?

–    Will the chef that prepared the tasting be the chef cooking for your wedding?

–    If you provide the alcohol, could they serve it? Would it be covered under insurance?

–    Does the catering staff seem like they will meet your needs and requirements?

–    Are they truly full-service, including cars, lighting, setup, clean up, etc.?)

These are just a few of the questions you will need to ask before deciding on a caterer.

Meal Plans

You should also think of the way your guests will receive their meals. There are pricier options as well as cheaper options to fit any budget.

Seated meals require waitstaff to serve every guest their plate. This can be fancy, but also very expensive.

Wedding Catering Fairmontperfect catering business

Family style meals involve bring a platter to each table, letting individuals build their plates as they would at a family dinner.

Buffet meals are affordable, as they do not require as much staffing. Your guests can serve themselves, but you may end up wasting food.

Appetizers and cocktails are another route you can go that allows you to skip expensive dinners and satisfy your guests with alcohol and snacks.

Your wedding can be beautiful and have some of the most delicious food if you use this information to begin your journey towards finding a wedding caterer for your big day.