How to Get Started Blogging

Blogging is a good way to spread a message, gain an audience, and promote your views and ideas to the world. With the rise and the staying power of the internet, there is no shortage of blogs out there covering the common, extraordinary, and out of this world items and themes. It might seem overwhelming at first, but you too can start a blog.

food blog

First, you need to pick your niche or the theme of your blog at the start. Is your blog going to be a food blog, a blog about racecars, or a blog showcasing the world of history? Now blogs can expand and encompass more than one passion, especially if you want to make a small business out of it, but start with just one for now.

Once you’ve picked that niche, then figure out a posting schedule. One of the biggest killers of startup blogs is that they start posting a ton out of the gate, and then the posting slowly starts to dwindle down to nothing for a long while. You don’t ever want to have long periods of nothing on your blog or the audience won’t come.

So, create a posting schedule and tell yourself “No matter hell or high water, I will post every Tuesday/every other Thursday, etc.” Telling yourself that you’ll post whenever you feel like it, or whenever you have content to share, is a recipe for disaster. Stick to the schedule, even if no one else is watching. Because you’ll engrain habits in yourself that will keep you posting long after you have an audience.

Blogging isn’t for those who dislike hard work, but if you stick with it, you’ll find that the rewards you get far outweigh the work investment.  So get started today.