How to Have a Culinary Vacation

A culinary vacation is something everyone should have in their lifetime, whether it’s enjoying the rich ancient food of China, eating Mexican down in Mexico, or trying Italian food in Italy. It’ll be something great that will really connect you with the food, and also allow you to connect with the people and history of the events and chefs that help make it. However, before you go on your italian cooking vacation or vacation through another part of the food world, there are some things you should know to ensure that the trip is a good one.

First, try new things. Vacations are all about adventure, and your taste buds should be going on an adventure with you! You might think you’ve eaten Mexican food or Asian food, but you should go in recognizing that most of what you’ve eaten has changed depending on your country. If you live in the United States, then most of the food has been westernized, and it could taste different when you go to the country of origin. So, don’t be worried when you order one thing and get the local variant, which might be different.

Just dig in and start eating! Second, get to know the food. You can often speak with the chef, or even look up the history of the food or restaurant to figure out how it came to be. Feed your mind as well as your body, and you’ll appreciate the dish even more for it. Walk the streets, eat what the locals eat, get messy and have fun. Then your vacation will turn into a memory that you’ll never forget.

italian cooking vacation

While trying new things and going away from the established norm can be scary at first, when it comes to food, you really don’t have much to lose.